You might have often heard about the benefits of watching porn with your partner. You both will close to each other and also spice up your sex life.

However, you might want to know how to go about it. Often when people start, they might feel awkward. Here are some pointers to help you get an idea on how to proceed. افلام سكس مصري


Make Sure to Discuss in Advance

· No one would like it if you just spring up sex videos without letting them know. So, always have an open discussion about it.


· Talks about it and do not force your partner or pressure them into watching porn.

Make Porn about You Two

· When you watch porn as a couple, your goal should be to spice up your sex life.


· Often deprioritizing your partner can make them feel insecure, so make sure that you move in carefully.

Make Sure to Pick Something Good

· You can easily find many different categories of porn online, but you need to pick something that is not degrading.


· Arab sex videos are fun to watch,and your partner is surely going to love them. You can even ask your partner to pick something for you two.

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